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The Defender of Snape Society
The Community for those who believe Snape is good...
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5th-Jun-2006 01:49 pm - Offline 15- HP Bday Bash 2006
medieval squirrel
Offline 15- HP Bday Bash 2006: July 29, 2006
"Journey to The Forbidden Forrest"

Untuk merayakan hari ulang tahunnya Harry Potter, IHP (milis Indo-HarryPotter) berencana mengadakan acara offline yang sedikit berbeda.
Diadakan di alam terbuka , peserta diajak berpetualang ke 'Hutan Terlarang' dimana banyak game menarik menanti dan akan menguji kekompakan member milis IHP.

Peserta diharapkan mendapat izin dari orangtua, karena acaranya seharian (jam 10.00-16.00) dan mungkin di luar kota (tempat masih dalam konfirmasi).

Yang pengen ikutan:
silakan lihat info lebih lanjut di milis Indo-Harry Potter.
Obsessive Compulsive Snape Disorder - OCSD

copied from [selinaenriquez] receipt.

# British accent
# Greasy hair
# Deep, sensual voice
# Knowledge in potions
# Appearance of dark mark
# Wearing black clothes
# Hating The Boys Who Lived
# Hating bushy haired Know It Alls

# Excessive drooling
# Inability to focus ones attention on anything unrelated to Snape
# Increased heart rate
# In some cases, hyperventilation. Varies from person to person
# Uncontrollable desire to lick your computer/television screen
# Weakness in the knees
# Fevers
# Trembling
# Inability to breathe
# Hysterical giggling
# Intense horniness

# Posting picture heavy Snape spams on related communities
# Having marathon movie nights consisting solely of Harry Potter films
# Writing pervy Snape fanfiction
# Utilising ones creativity by making Snape icons and graphics and fan art
18th-Oct-2005 02:48 pm - Susah payah?
Dengan susah payah dan entah untuk diisi apa, daku membuka account di sini hanya untuk terdaftar sebagai member Defender of Snape...

14th-Oct-2005 01:23 pm - i am in, hurray!
medieval squirrel
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Get ready for the next Playwitch issue.
A special double issue where you will be able to learn all about Death Eaters and Quidditch players

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